A great idea / concept / innovation or opportunity is discovered but how is this applied and attempted in the real world?

— A pilot project is often looked at as a practical and reasonable way to move a great opportunity forward.

The approach may be to “just do it to see if it will work”, however — this can be risky and at times inappropriate and irresponsible, especially when resources and money is involved.

— A formal plan will assist with moving the opportunity forward in more a coordinated fashion.

The amount of planning necessary to best execute the pilot opportunity becomes a fundamental problem.

— Too little planning results in an ineffective exercise; too much planning results in unnecessary activity and wasted efforts (along with negating all the benefits of a pilot approach).

Plans help:

– Reduce risk
– Provide order, direction and clarity
– Justify decisions
– Obtain resources
– Help get to a destination /decision

This site is dedicated to helping discover the “balance” of planning effort necessary for any new opportunity.